Monday, March 17, 2014

My latest creation: Race bib display

The second of my three race-related craft projects has been completed: the race bib display plaque.

While I'm not convinced that my assertion of "DIY will be more cost-effective" held true, I am sure that  I found more satisfaction in making it than buying it.

If I were to do it again, I might've just upcycled a clipboard, because I ended up taking the clip off of one to hold the bibs anyway.

That would've saved both the chunk of my skin that got scraped off in the disassembly process, as well as the couple of dollars I spent on an actual wooden plaque and a nail to tack on the clipboard's clip.

Maybe next time I take things apart, I'll wait for someone with more knowledge of leverage and more muscles. Or I'll just skip the pre-crafting glasses of wine.
Those dollars could have then been put to use on a whole pack of paint markers instead of paint and a brush. The stores I went to only sold individual markers in black or metallics, while I wanted purple (not sold separately).

Lessons learned! I'm still happy with the end result, and now I know just how versatile Q-tips and toothpicks can be in correcting paint smudges.

Here is the great reveal:

Hung on the front door, which is highly visible from the couch.
Clutter conversion complete!


  1. That is a great idea. I have not figured out how to hang my bibs yet so they are on the safty pin right now hanging off my DYI medal shelf.

  2. Thanks! It didn't take too much googling to find several options, whether it was paying someone else or doing it yourself.