Friday, February 7, 2014

Preserving my race schwag

After Karla posted about her own race-souvenir craft project, I was inspired to post about my own.

(I mean, it's still cold in Des Moines, and 5K training is just underway, so I thought readers might enjoy something different.)

The motivation to do these projects has been slowly percolating since before Christmas, and it took until mid-January to complete one: race-medal magnets.

I debated doing this versus hanging them on a bib-and-medal display, but the functionality of magnets won out over the cute Pinterest/Etsy images — I have a full-sized fridge, and our cubbies at work are actually magnetic.

Also, it was incredibly easy for someone who has barely crafted since her braces came off.
In chronological order of when they were received. Technically two of them are NOT participation awards; one race ran out of medals before it did finishers.
What to do with all the bibs? I bounced around on this, too. There are neat ideas for coasters, special photo album-like books and of course the bib-and-medal displays. Oh, and Mod Podging things.

Ultimately I decided to make my own bib display plaque, because it seemed cost-effective, within my skill level and, most importantly, easiest to constantly add to.

I've got almost all the materials: paint, stencils, brushes, slogan ("don't think; just go") and stack o' bibs. I'll worry about the clips once I make it past this stage.

Furthest from fruition are the race T-shirt pillows. This inspiration was born of necessity.

I wear most of my race T-shirts, except for the handful that really don't fit me. I could use them as dirty-chore T-shirts or PJ tops, except I have plenty of those already — and they're more comfortable.

What about squares for a T-shirt quilt? Nope; you can't iron technical T-shirts, unless you want to potentially gunk up your iron.

So I turned to Google for help. And sure enough, the Internet delivered this DIY tutorial.

At some point, I'll be converting my Arny Johnson 10-miler and Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon shirts into throw pillows (OK, realistically, into cat pillows). I enjoyed both those races, so I'll be happy to see reminders of them lying around my apartment.

One former PR, one current-because-I-haven't-done-that-distance-since PR!
On the flip side, that leaves two shirts I might donate even though no one wants to wear a T-shirt from an event they didn't do: my Rockford and Drake Relays half shirts. In addition to both being miserable race experiences, the Drake shirt is maternity-sized on me.

I'll be taking suggestions ... or just lining the cats' carriers with them. Seems appropriate to put their hated "pet taxis" with my unhappy memories of sweating up endless hills.

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