Friday, April 19, 2013

It's almost here!

Race day is finally in the 10-day forecast: 57 degrees, sunny and no precipitation.

So now I can stop telling people that I'm praying Iowa doesn't suddenly deal me a hot, humid day, like every day last summer and no days yet in 2013.

Will this end my worrying? It actually might. Sure, forecasts change, especially in the Midwest, but a high below 60 still leaves me an acceptable margin for potential warmups.

It's funny; every other time I can remember being thrilled that an event finally breaks the 10-day forecast, it's for a vacation.

This time, it's for something that will require me to wake up far earlier than normal, stand outside in a T-shirt and shorts when I should be wearing a hoodie and pants, run 13.1 miles before noon and spend the rest of my day being tired.

The nerves will start hitting in about a week and culminate in that googly feeling in my stomach that morning, but today, at least, I'm excited, and barring disaster, I should be sky-high once I've finished the race.

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