Thursday, April 11, 2013

Figurative meltdown over a possible literal meltdown

One or two long runs left to go, at most, before the Hy-Vee Road Races half marathon.

The 11-miler's mapped out, and there are two days remaining this week on which I can do it. The high both days: 46 degrees at the most, depending on which weather site you consult.

Lower temperatures don't bother me; it's wind, humidity and heat that frustrate me. I'll be fine in this weather.

Moment of calm. Then —

But what about normal April weather? Or abnormal-in-the-opposite-direction April weather?, my bible, says the average high for April 28 in Des Moines is 67 degrees.

Moment of panic. Have I run more than once in that temperature yet this year? Have I run long on a day that reached the 60s yet this year, even? Maybe my nine-miler ... during the final few miles.

The 70-degree-day run had many complicating factors besides the heat, but wow, that was a tough run. My body is not used to sun and warmth.

If I keep my faith in Hal Higdon, I might have one chance to reacquaint myself with late-spring conditions. If I bow to the advice of the rest of the running world — end the long runs already! — I'll have well-rested but ignorant legs.

Breathe in and breathe out. The high doesn't hit until later in the day, and the race starts at 8 a.m.; it can't be worse than last year's half marathon, held on a day that reached 80 degrees.

I might be the only one in Iowa thinking this right now, but if there are weather gods and they're listening, I would really appreciate your keeping temperatures cool until April 29. Or even just after noon April 28.

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