Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 goals: Shaving seconds and at least trying

I was waiting to write this post until I'd reflected at length on what I wanted to accomplish in 2014.

But then, honestly, I realized that I already knew what I hoped to achieve, and while they may not be especially ambitious given what I did in 2013, I'm OK with that.

Maybe I sound like I'm from the participation-award generation — and that's because I am — but the past few years, I've been setting low-threshold goals and not only meeting but also exceeding them. And that feels good.

Whatever keeps me doing something that's healthy for me physically and mentally, right?

1. Break 24:00* in a 5K.

2. Break 2:00:00* in a half marathon.

2a. At least consider doing the Des Moines Marathon this fall, instead of the half, if I do Dam to Dam in the spring and accomplish the sub-2:00:00 goal there.

Please note: I AM NOT SAYING I WANT TO AND PLAN TO DO A FULL MARATHON. What I am saying is, I've definitely improved as a runner, and my personal life is probably as marathon-friendly as it'll ever be — no kids, no spouse, workweek basically guaranteed to only be 40 hours and a five-minute commute.

If I'm ever going to try a marathon, this year wouldn't be a bad time.

3. Run a mile in less than 7:30*.

4. Try biking to work.

5. Continue working on being mentally strong.

* Also, lest people think I'm a huge baby, I'd also like to point out that once I start running again, I'll likely develop my perfect-race-day, good-race-day and bare-minimum-race-day goals for these events. For example, if I notch a 7:30 mile on my own, the best-case goal could become 7:00.

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