Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mostly wordless Wednesday: Always wear sunscreen

I present to you my arm, photographed Monday.

Yes, that is a litterbox in the background.
The various colors you see are not shadows — they are different epochs of sun damage.

At the very top is what's covered by my exercise T-shirts; it spent most of last summer hidden because that meant less skin to slather in sunscreen.

In the middle is last year's farmer's tan, hanging on determinedly despite living in the Midwest.

And at the bottom is what happens when you do a half marathon in sunshine, then refuel at a shade-free picnic table. (That part is slightly exaggerated by shadow, but in real life you can definitely see it without straining your eyes.)

I should have put sunscreen on before the race, or before brunch, but I always forget that my arms can — and will— burn, too.

Now I have Neapolitan ice cream arms. Feel free to laugh when you next see me in a tank top; the "chocolate" portion will go away, but I think the vanilla and strawberry contrast is there to stay for a while.

I hope this cheers people up on what was forecast to be an overcast, rainy and chilly day.

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