Thursday, April 25, 2013

The last workout before race day

Today was my last run before Sunday's half marathon.

That meant that I put on one outfit, set aside another for race day — and dumped all the rest, including the long-sleeved shirts and tights, into the laundry basket.

(I have many reasons to look forward to the race, and one of those is washing a somewhat overdue load of workout clothes. And once those are washed, I have a strong hunch that the winter clothes will stay clean for a loooooong time.)

The good news is that because Sunday's still forecast to be sunny and pleasant, I can wear my favorite running outfit — pink T-shirt, black shorts and the newest pair of Balega socks — and also, as a co-worker pointed out, not succumb to the temptation of bundling up because of how cold waiting can get.

Judging from the easy three-miler and post-run foam rolling, my taper is doing exactly what it should do.

I didn't even really try that hard during the run — OK, on that long, steady upward slope, I did have to try — and still kept a 9:36 pace.

When I stretched, it felt nice but not massage-nice, like it does when I'm fatigued, and when I used the foam roller, only the most finicky of spots complained. Which then prompted me to realize that my muscles haven't ached in a few days.

So I'm physically ready. All that's left is to pick up my packet, find my way to the start line without parking illegally and not mentally freak out over the idea that I'm going to run 13.1 miles at a time I'm almost always still in bed, with the last mile or so being a hill.

No big deal, right?

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