Sunday, July 8, 2012

Seen while running: Week of July 1

On my way to the Clive Greenbelt path, this is what I see (in addition to everyone stoppin' and starin' at me):

Every time I pass this, I think it's an abbreviated expletive aimed at the city of Clive. If anyone knows what it really is, please do share.
Is this a squash shell? Whatever it is, it's been hanging around for about a week now.

And then once I was there, I spotted these things:
I too was tired when I snapped this photo. Did someone create this graffiti after watching me slog by recently?
Oh hey, I ran all the way to Chicago! In 88-degree weather, no less. Definitely warrants a leap into the lake.

Back home, after a post-half PR of 6.5 miles, I found this. Scratch "foot model" (or LMFAO music video extra) off my list of career possibilities.
Left foot, covered in popped blisters. I didn't even know I had those.
Right foot, covered in blisters and topped with calluses. Friday night fun, this particular evening, was exfoliating.

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