Thursday, June 12, 2014

At long last, my Dam to Dam numbers

My missing Dam to Dam results have come in.

I did hear back from the results contact person a few days after I posted about being MIA (and of course emailed him).

As he said they would, the official stats — mine included — rolled in over this past weekend.

The good news is, they're not as ugly as my race photos, seven of which show me apparently trying not to cry.

The bad news is, the one silver lining I sought was more like a tin lining.

My five-mile time was 46:05. Remember how I thought I was just flying through the first six or so miles? If "flying" is 9:13 per mile, then I was right.

I mean, it was a good showing for my mental state and the weather conditions. It also wasn't far off the pace I would've needed to break 2:00:00.

My 10-mile time was 1:35:45. If I'm calculating correctly, that means I covered five miles in 49:40 — basically a 10:00-per-mile pace. Seems reasonable, given the amount of walking I began doing.

My overall time was 2:08:08, working out to a final 5K covered at a 10:25 pace. Which isn't bad at all for the limp-walk-cry method.

Absolutely I wish I'd done better and behaved better. Absolutely I'm disappointed.

But at the same time, with the perspective of some time and no running whatsoever, I'm honestly surprised in a good way to compare this to my 2011 then-PR of 2:08:32.

I ran the 2011 half marathon with seriously only one quick walk break, with the exception of water stops, and I still finished 24 seconds slower back then.

There is hope. But not until July.


  1. Limp-walk-cry method? Sounds brutal. My half was more run-walk-cry, in that order. Am I crazy that I still enjoyed it??

  2. You're crazily mentally strong if you enjoy that ... but I tip my cap to you nevertheless!