Thursday, February 27, 2014

You're invited to a running party

Recently I mentioned how excited I was for my friends Annah and Marco, who were returning to running after hiatuses of varying lengths.

They're both sticking with it, and I knew Annah would be doing the Friendly Sons 5K with Cory and me.

What I didn't know, until a recent chat about running goals in the midst of Django happy hour, was that the Friendly Sons interest had spread. (Was it how I've consistently concluded the event details with "last year there was free beer"?)

Annah's boyfriend, Joel, is likely joining us.

Pam, of the fantastic Boone County history run, said she and probably Marco were doing it.

And Sharyn, who also did the Remembrance Run with us (her first 5K!), exclaimed: "Oh, it's on a Sunday?" because she too works Saturdays.

So of course I seized upon the opportunity to encourage them all to join, to push a few members of our old running crew to return to the fold, and to drum up support for this year's Woofin' It 5K — not only have some of these folks picked up running, but they've also adopted dogs, making them perfect candidates for a fun run/walk.

This running season is shaping up to be the most social one yet, and though I don't mind running/racing solo, I'm pretty stoked about it.

(Apologies to anyone whose interest I downplayed or overexaggerated. It was loud at Django. And there was wine.)

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