Sunday, January 19, 2014

First installment of 2014's quarterly goals

When I initially posted about goals for 2014, they didn't feel inadequate.

But that was before I binge-read Runner's World, which for the first time in my years as a subscriber started to pile up unread.

Now I'm full of ideas for what to focus on this year. Is it weird to be excited about how many areas in which you feel you need to improve? (Even if so — it's healthier than the alternative.)

Once again, I think I'll break the year into segments, to avoid resolution overload. So here's what I hope to focus on and achieve through March:

1. Continue working on being mentally strong. (Goal already set.) This is kind of a prerequisite for everything else I hope to achieve — or, really, just running outdoors in the Midwest in wintertime in general — so expect to see it recycled on every goal list I ever make.

2. Break 24:00 in a 5K. (Yep, another repeat.)

3. Focus on running slow runs slower and fast runs faster. Runner's World and Competitor seem like they're beating this dead horse, and I'm starting to feel like I'm part of the problem.

I haven't crunched any numbers, but most of my runs that aren't in extreme weather, on extreme terrain or part of a speed workout tend to average a fairly consistent pace. That probably means I at least go too fast on easy days, if not necessarily too slow on hard days.

4. Incorporate stair workouts. It would really be nice if, during my daily climb of three sets of stairs into work, I didn't arrive breathless and insecure about my physical fitness. It would also be nice if it helped my running, too.


  1. These are all great...except for the stairs. I hate stairs. Does walking up and down subway stairs count? No matter how good my fitness is, stairs always kill me.

  2. I take stairs regularly at work, and they continue to kill me :/ I was once told that training for them is the only way to make them not kill you; I'll report back as to whether that's true haha.