Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Running wins are piling up

I had a busy, short weekend, so it wasn't until Tuesday that I made it back to reading blog posts.

One of the very last ones left unread was from Another Mother Runner, posted last Friday. It named the winners of Saucony hats and arm warmers, chosen randomly from responses to a question in a still-earlier post.

Usually by the time I comment on such posts, at least 100 people have beaten me to it, so I never think much of whether I won.

But this time, as I scrolled through, a familiar name popped out at me: Sadye.

I won! Through no real effort of my own, except to leave a sentence on how I run safely! It doesn't matter!

The hat sounds and looks cool, but I'm more excited about the arm warmers: They come with mitt cuffs.

Long ago, I'd eyed a running top/jacket with those built in, yet never got around to spending the money ... and now, thanks to Sarah and Dimity and their sponsors, I don't have to.

Pink was an option for both items, which coordinates well with the gear I did manage to purchase, so expect a running fashion show post whenever the goodies arrive.

One more victory to add to 2013's growing list. Maybe my sister and aunt are losing their corner on the good-luck market.

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