Monday, October 21, 2013

Early race report: Des Moines Half Marathon

As surely no one will blame me for, I'm not quite up to writing a full recap of yesterday's half marathon.

But for those who are curious — and to massage my own ego — I figured I could at least post some preliminary numbers:

My finish time was 2:00:20 (!), a pace of 9:12 overall. That placed me 162 out of 573 in my age/sex group, but more importantly, it's a personal record by 8:12.

No wonder I'm still tired today.

Waiting for the start, huddled together for warmth with temperatures in the 40s. Give me that over 60s any day, though.
The tl;dr version of the full post will be: This is the first half marathon that I'll repeat ... and I'm 97 percent sure that I'll never run Des Moines' other half marathon, the hilly and late-spring Drake Relays half, again.


  1. Amazing!!! Congratulations! I hate to say I told you so, but I knew you had 2:00 in you :) Hope you're still riding the high!

  2. I'm 100 percent OK with an "I told you so" here — because you *did* call it :) Thanks for the support and encouragement, and I hope to see equally good news from you soon! I did remember to think about you as I waited for my toes to warm up early on in my race, haha.