Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting what I wanted on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is long past, yet I'm still starry-eyed over how I spent that particular holiday evening.

Given the name and focus of my blog, it should come as no surprise that it has to do with running rather than romance.

I woke up that morning expecting to do my interval run while the sun shone and high temperatures approached 40 degrees — I had the night shift — but at the last minute, a co-worker with an earlier shift asked me to switch.

I found myself looking at 7 p.m. freedom. Everyone asked what I was going to do with that sudden bonus, and I think everyone was disappointed with my answer: run intervals and take a long, hot shower.

Everyone, that is, except for me. And that's what matters.

It was a little chilly and quite a bit dark when I got outside, but I knew the sidewalks were clear, and I trusted my headlamp to illuminate any other dangers for me.

Despite losing my Kleenex sometime during the warmup (sorry, environment), it was a solid workout: consistent times, great speed and strong recovery. When I add more repeats later in the training cycle, I think the fatigue will slow me down just a bit, to the speed I think/hope I can sustain over a 5K race.

The best part of this workout, though, was how fantastic it made everything else after that. I've said it before, but a warm meal and long, hot shower become earth-shatteringly good. And the combination of all that made the couch — and later, my bed — feel like heaven.

My heart was all a-flutter, the light was low, and the sleep was blissful. What more, besides a foot rub, could a runner ask for on Valentine's Day?

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