Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm lopsided, part II

I mentioned earlier this year that one of my legs is slightly longer than the other, according to my esteemed podiatrist, Dr. Pandya.

I discovered yesterday after a run that there's something else uneven on my body: sweat gland placement. Check out this picture.

There's a lake on the left side of the picture (my right side), a little puddle at the center of my throat and a desert on the right side of the picture (my left side).

At first I thought perhaps I was favoring my short-leg side — the drifting that's a red flag was in full force on that run — and thus the sweat was running downhill.

But my left one is the short one, or so I theorize because I list toward port, and yet my left clavicle is dry as a bone. Also, I ran in a loop, so the wind couldn't have dried off one side while letting the other one get soaked.

Are my sweat glands distributed unevenly throughout my body? Was there considerably more hair trapping heat and funneling sweat on my right side? Was I stretching out one half of my torso as I ran, legs pulling me left while my head fell right ...

Is my head to blame? I do suspect my ears aren't level with each other, because my glasses don't seem very straight. Could my right earlobe be lower because it's carrying more weight?

Don't tell me to get a hobby, because running-related mysteries are just a natural corollary of my hobby (running, duh). This is the most interesting one I've encountered since the case of the abandoned underwear along the main country near my parents' house.

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