Monday, September 23, 2013

Late to the story, but that's OK

Runner's World's latest issue included a brief on the Seattle runner who successfully who chased down a bike thief.

This happened in June — maybe I even saw/skipped a link to it back then — so the rest of the running world probably already read it.

I'd either been unaware or had forgotten it, so it was a delightful bit of new news to me.

The part that made me literally laugh out loud was the line about the thief asking the marathoner to back off. Really? You're stealing someone's bike, and you think asking the rightful owner to go away will work?

And geez, talk about tipping your hand that you couldn't outlast her ... that is, if she couldn't already tell by your labored breathing.

We can all find amusement in how this bad guy chose to pick on the wrong person and paid for it — but I think what also satisfies us runners is the change in tone of running-related crime stories.

Especially if you're a female runner, all you ever seem to see are lurid stories of assaults on "joggers." (See Mark Remy's blog for excellent facetious coverage of the jogger-versus-runner word choice.)

This time, we're not just passive victims. Thanks, Sarah Tatterson.

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