Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm tired of training; let's just do the event

I've mentioned before that RAGBRAI training has surprised me with how different it is from training for a running event.

I'll mention it again now, with a new observation: With a little less than a month to go, I've actually reached and passed training complacency.

Though I've trusted that I was training/did train sufficiently for half marathons, I've never sat down, a month out, and shrugged off missing workouts.

This week, I've not only done that, but I've also looked ahead, shrugged and decided it didn't matter if I skipped one or two next week, too.

Running is more of a challenge for me than biking is, so my diligence in one but not the other makes sense — I studied harder for math tests than French tests back in high school.

And, really, one event is set up to encourage stops and rest breaks. (Not caring about my overall time still feels odd to me on my rides. It's a "You know you're a runner when" characteristic, I guess.)

But I say that I've passed complacency because I'm growing tired of the planning — finding a route, carving out time, putting on sunscreen/packing enough water, checking the weather for thunderstorms, etc.

I'm glad I've overcome my natural worrier tendencies and that I trust my preparation; I'm not glad that I'm starting to cast resentful glances toward the schedule on my fridge.

Bring on the main event, before I burn myself out mentally!

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