Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday facetiousness: Is it all in the name?

Stretching before working out, apparently, is the worst thing in the world, according to every fitness blog I follow.

Stretching afterward is acceptable but supposedly doesn't help all that much (I disagree, and I don't care whether that's a placebo effect).

Yet it occurred to me as I did my post-work yoga routine the night before my race that none of these no-cold-stretching articles mention yoga.

I know they're called "postures" and not "stretches," yet in descriptions, it's acknowledged that the moves will stretch out certain muscles.

I like yoga, so I'm not trying to get it on the fitness experts' naughty lists ... but I don't understand the science behind stretching = bad and yoga = good. What's the difference? Is this a pink slime versus lean finely textured beef situation?

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