Saturday, January 19, 2013

I did something right, according to the New York Times

Rationally, I know that any health-related article I read is likely to be disproved, then proved again, etc., in an endless and never-resolved cycle, and that I should adjust my reaction to them accordingly.

I fail at this. (See "I have to cancel my grumpy post.") And I'm unlikely to correct this failing until the glow of doing something right, according to the New York Times Well blog, wears off.

Now, I didn't exercise for 90 minutes, 15 minutes after getting my flu shot, as the research in this post suggests. But to sum up all the studies cited, it concludes:
"So for now, (a doctor) says, the best course of action is to get a flu shot, since any degree of protection is better than none, and, if you can, also schedule a visit to the gym that same day. If nothing else, spending 90 minutes on a stationary bike will make any small twinges in your arm from the shot itself seem pretty insignificant."
Or, in my case, spending 30 minutes with only minimal feeling in your toes thanks to a brisk Iowa winter wind made the tenderness a moot point. 

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