Monday, August 13, 2012

Web wrap-up: Aug. 6 to 12

Fit Bottomed Girls: 18 Things Nobody Told Me About Running. Maybe I've just read too many light-hearted pieces about discoveries made during the transition from noob to junkie, or maybe I've (gasp!) been running for long enough that I can't remember when these phenomena became surprising.

I found myself nodding in agreement with "You’ll wince at a pair of high heels with a $100 price tag, but declare it a bargain if that same tag is on your favorite running shoes" and " 'Runger' is real, and it is marvelous. Only pregnant women and runners can truly understand strange cravings at strange times." (How can I live an almost pop-free life, yet yearn for a Sprite during a long run?)

It turned out not to be the author but a commenter who prompted an "OMG you're right!" moment:
"Running isn’t really enjoyable until after you’ve gone 3 miles … maybe even 5. That is why you hated running the mile back in school — you only did the hard part!"
Leaving aside the incredible lack of fitness I had back in school — YES. I long ago noticed that the middle and end of a run typically felt better than the beginning, but until now I didn't connect this with the misery of the middle school mile.

Running Is Funny: Rupp Rolled. I learned about two new memes from Mike's post. (They're possibly not all that new, and I'm possibly way behind most of the Internet.)

One is Typical Runner, and the other one — which is far funnier and yet not related to running — is McKayla Is Not Impressed.

Some of my favorites, which went from near the top on Saturday morning to farther down than you'll click in less than 24 hours: not impressed by volunteering for the Hunger Games, by King Kong (they're making similar faces!), by taking out Osama bin Laden and by Facebook's IPO.

New York Times Well blog: Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss. Studies prove Michael Pollan is right about the Western diet — in general, you can't eat like the typical American and expect to exercise off the extra calories.

I guess this is good news for folks who prefer to maintain their shape by focusing on what they eat  but not exercising, but it bummed out yours truly, who likes to declare that she runs for pizza and to tell people surprised at her sweet tooth that it's why she runs.

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