Sunday, July 1, 2012

Seen while running: Week of June 24

Last week while running, I made some new friends ...
Somewhere along 50th Street, providing me a nice catch-your-breath break.

 ... saw some natural and man-made art ...
"Paths Unite," by James Bearden, on the Clive Greenbelt Trail
Walnut Creek, seen from an overlook with a bench, looked awfully inviting on a muggy summer evening. This was the night I checked out the Clive Greenbelt Trail on foot.
... had flashbacks of the upper Midwest (home sweet home) ...
Also the name of a neighborhood in Rockton, Ill.! This one looks a little swankier.
Just like in Stevens Point, Wis., near the Schmeeckle trails, Clive has phallic brick structures near its rec path!
... and watched sweat pool on every square inch of me.
That is a bib of sweat forming on my shirt.
Overall, a good week in running, even with the hiatus for extreme heat, and even with the not-extreme-but-just-intense heat.

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